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Supervision of Thesis Students
[PhD students]
2015-2019:  Robbin Bastiaansen (received Thesis Award 2020) (joint with A. Doelman) 
2016-2021:  Olfa Jaibi (joint with A. Doelman)
start 2021:   Lara van Vianen (joint with Frits Veerman)
start 2022:   Jolien Kamphuis
[Master students]
2020-2021:  Delion Tholens "Wave propagation on Star graphs"
[Bachelor students]

2016:        Geerten Koers "Collision of wave packets in the sine-Gordon equation"

2017:        Renzo Baasdam "Numerics and continuation for Reaction-Diffusion equations" (joint supervision with M. Emmerich)

2018:      Jasper van Egeraat "Simulating the Effect of Periodic Nanopatterning on the Critical Temperature of Superconductors" (joint supervision with Milan Allen)

2018:        Simon Martina-Perez "Inverse Spectral Theory for Dierential Operators: Spectra of Singular Potentials in a Dirichlet Problem"

2020:        Raf Cruyff "Inverse Floquet Theory: Controlling Hill’s discriminant"

2020:      Fabian Visser "Numerical analysis of PDEs on Metric Graphs"

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